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Historical Fiction, Animals and Classic Sequels Make Great Books

If you’re looking for an interesting chapter book geared for ages nine and up, I’ve listed some new outstanding historical fictions, books about relationships with animals and even a wonderful sequel to a classic story. See Saw Girl, by Linda Sue Park, is an eye-opening historical fiction about a young nobility-born Korean girl in the 17th […]

Picture Books That Can Reach and Teach All

Books can teach young and old.  And these picture books are also most enjoyable. The Day Ray Got Away, by Angela Johnson, and illustrated by Luke LaMarca, is a creatively picturesque book about a bright, yellow balloon as he and other large balloons get ready for a balloon parade.  But he states at the beginning […]

Uplifting Books and LDS Historical Fiction

It’s October and that means it’s General Conference time. So how about some wonderful books that include LDS historical fiction, mysteries, fantasies, special needs and overall uplifting books that are especially oriented to go along with our semi-annual conference?  Here are some outstanding, interesting and engaging Church themed books by LDS authors. The Silence of God, […]

Creative Picture Books

Pictures, pictures, pictures! That’s what makes a picture book great. Here are some great picture books that promote reading and creativity and help to move the story along. Let’s begin with three books with longer stories. Fairies and the Quest for Never Land, by Gail Carson Levine, and illustrated by David Christiana, is filled with […]

Bedtime Fiction Read-a-louds

Are you looking for some great fiction books to read out loud to family members before bedtime?  Here are some of the best books that beg to be read out loud. All of these books are good for all ages if read out loud, but are also good for ages nine and older if read […]

Baby Books

Babies!  Babies!  Babies everywhere! Yup – it’s time for some awesome board books for the littlest of readers. I’m going to group these newest editions of these books by content and by interesting packaging. Let’s begin with some unique ways that publishers are creating cool and interesting ways to entice babies and keep them engaged in […]

Fiction Books for Older Readers

It’s time for some great fiction books that kids ages nine and up will love.  Families will also enjoy these as read-alouds. Leo and the Lesser Lion, by Sandra Forrester, is a story set during the Great Depression era about the relationships and life and death experiences among the members of a family. Leo rebuilds […]

Fall Books

Fall is around the corner and that means it’s also back to school time. So how about some great books on the subject? Let’s begin with six fiction books that are geared for ages nine and older. The Fabled Fifth Graders of Aesop Elementary School, by Candace Fleming, is a hilarious story with moral lessons hailing […]

Sports Books

“Batter-Up” for some great sports books! We’re still in baseball season, but now it’s almost football season and with basketball season right around the corner – along with soccer and other team sports. So I’ve collected some outstanding new sports books for readers interested on the subject. (However, these books are so good, kids of […]

Learning Throughout the Summer

Let’s all stay smart and continue to learn throughout the summer months. Here are some amazing books that kids will likely pick up and look through all the way to the back of each book due to the interesting and kid-friendly layout of each book. I’ve categorized these books into three groups: animals, earth and sky. Let’s […]