School time for youngsters can often mean learning their ABC's.   But alphabet books may not necessarily be just for new readers.   Here is a list of some of the best and newest books that are alphabetized from A to Z.

Latter-Day Occasions:   My Baptism Keepsake , by Sara Staker, doesn't sound or look like an alphabet book until you open the cover.   Inside you'll find a wonderful book perfect to give to that newest member of the Church.   The cover allows for the child's picture to be placed inside of it as well as pages in which to write.   Each page has meaningful letters signifying important parts of a child's life surrounded by the Gospel.   "M is for Memories" includes several pages to write about this important event and "T is for Testimony" includes a page to write their personal testimony.   This would be a beautiful gift for 8-year-old that is about to be baptized.

The next ten books are geared for children learning the alphabet.   The Zoo I Drew , by Todd H. Doodler, is bright, simple, poetic and has cool corrugated covers.   Youngsters will quickly learn about each animal depicted as they also learn their letters.

Dr. Seuss: Beginner Alphabet Cards , has to be one of the best devices to learn the ABC's in a fun and unique way by playing easy to learn games as suggested on the cover card.   Each card is simple to read with bright colors and each teaches both upper-case and lower-case letters.

Sus MacDonald has a new and unique book, Alphabet Animals: A Slide-And-Peek Adventure . The book has MacDonald's trade-mark bold and simple illustrations of animals, with a clever pull-out panel that divulges the letter of the initial sound of each animal.

Little children love to lift flaps, pull tabs and peek behind doors that they can open.   These devices are found throughout in Maisy's ABC , by Lucy Cousins.

I Spy A to Z:   A Book of Picture Riddles , by Jean Marzollo, and photographed by Walter Wick, continues in this popular series with searching for items that begin with each letter.

The Sleepy Little Alphabet , by Judy Sierra, and illustrated by Melissa Sweet, is a celebration of active lower-case letters as they begin their downward spiral to bed.   This lively book is also a great read-aloud for little ones as they get ready for bed too.

Curious George Learns the Alphabet , by H. A. Rey, includes a read-along CD and has the man in the yellow hat teaching Curious George all about the alphabet.   And youngsters will learn right along!

Click, Clack, Quackity-Quack:   A Typing Adventure , by Doreen Cronin and Betsy Lewin, has to be one of the most unique books in this genre.   Below the book that takes young readers through an active story as you read through the alphabet, you find a keyboard.   Youngsters can press each key as they read the letter and the audible sound of each animal will be made.   There is a good chance this will be re-read many, many times!

Little Einstein's: Animal Alphabet , published by Disney, includes all of the popular characters from the TV series.   Each letter has an animal depicted with a lenticular picture that will move as you move the book.

One of my favorite paper engineers, Robert Sabuda, has produced yet another wonderful pop-out book, ABC Disney .   Each page has multiple flaps to open to see popular characters pop-out, such as Dumbo for D and Snow White for S.

The rest of the books are geared for older kids that can still learn from each letter's lesson.   My First ABC: The Metropolitan Museum of Art , published by Little, Brown, is a board book depicting parts of some of the most famous and beautiful renderings of artwork. The information located at the back of the book gives information as well as the name of the artist.

A is for Art:   An Abstract Alphabet , by Stephen T. Johnson, will give children an appreciation of design, angle and obtrusive collaborations of color.   And each picture has a hidden letter that is being represented on the page.   There is more information about each representation of art located at the back of the book.

And get ready for a story of the circus with all its glory and ABC's as Who Put the B in the Ballyhoo?   The Most Amazing Bizarre and Celebrated Circus Performers , by Carlyn Beccia, comes to town.

And lastly, here are two books that put the letters to work in books that celebrate words.   Jamie Lee Curtis wrote Big Words for Little People and Laura Cornell painted the pictures.   The words in this book will enlighten and empower children of all ages!   Some include the meaning of consequence and inappropriate. Jane O'Connor and Robin Preiss Glaser have a new book about Fancy Nancy:   Fancy Nancy's Favorite Fancy Words from Accessories to Zany .   There are some great new words in this book just waiting to be discovered by little girls everywhere.

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