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Books for Graduates Make Lasting Gifts

May is the month of the year that many of our children move on to the next level of school, or in some instances on to post school life.  The books listed here will either make an impact, inspire or teach some valuable lessons needed in life. The first three books are geared for ages […]

Enriched Books for the Graduate

Are you looking for some great books to inspire and enrich your graduate? I’ve assembled some outstanding books for the next two weeks that will motivate and enliven graduates of all levels to become better and one who will make an impact on others. This week there will be biographical books of famous people and […]

General Conference Evokes Great Books

General Conference time brings some outstanding new books that help elevate and inspire families. Choose Higher Ground, by Henry B. Eyring, is his first book in nearly 12 years and the wait is definitely worth it!  This outstanding book showcases how, and what, we need to do in order to rise above the fray and […]

Babies + Books = Bright Happy People

Last week I reviewed outstanding books for newborns, babies and toddlers. This week I conclude my review for babies with interesting and uniquely packaged books. All of the books are sturdy board books, except for the books with asterisks, as those are pop-up books.  All books listed are good for babies and toddlers. *Itsy Bitsy […]

The Olympics Peak an Interest in Sports Books

The 2012 London Summer Olympics garners high interest in sports here in America.  Following an amazing book that introduces readers to London, there are several more books about the Olympics and several sports that kids will genuinely enjoy. Pop-Up London (Full of Flaps, Facts, and Dramatic Pop-Ups), by Jennie Maizels, and engineered by Richard Ferguson, […]

Springtime Animals

Are you looking for excellent books about animals?  Here are several non-fiction books good for all ages that I will categorize into specific groups that are all about animals. All books, unless noted, have glossaries found at the back. Ocean and Sea (Scholastic “Discover More” series), by Steve Parker, is part of a wonderful new […]

Do You Want to be Teacher’s Pet? Then Mind your Manners

Here are some outstanding picture books that deal with appropriate behavior, along with friend-ship. All of these books are good for all ages except the first two which are better suited for ages four to six. I Can Say Please and I Can Say Thank You, both by Tamsin Ainslie, are both sweet little books […]

Some Uniquely Packaged Books

Another school year is soon coming to an end and I’ve gathered together some really terrific and unusual books that will be great for gifts and/or summer. These books (unless otherwise noted) are great for all ages. I’ll begin with pop-out books. Matthey Reinhart and Robert Sabuda are two of the most renowned paper engineers […]

Promote Reading in Your Family I

There aren’t many forms of common life experiences that can last throughout our entire lives. But reading a book does last. It’s an adventure that takes us from the youngest age all the way through to our oldest ages. This adventure also involves parents and children together and can create a bond so strong that it lasts forever. […]

Behavior Books

Human behavior is a most interesting subject. Many of us notice when children misbehave and we try to correct them. But hopefully we catch our children behaving appropriately and point it out  to them. Here are some outstanding books to help shape, encourage and motivate children to be on their best behavior. Let’s begin with […]