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New Books for General Conference

Books can be inspirational and help you get your mind and spirit in tune with the upcoming General Conference speakers. Here are newly published books to help set the tone in your home. The first book is a picture book good for all ages. The next book is good for teens. The rest of the […]

Graduation Time

Graduating from school doesn’t mean the end of school, but the beginning of a lifetime of learning.  Here are some outstanding books that emphasize what’s truly important in life and the importance of service, selflessness, kindness, setting goals for improvement and striving to be more Christ-like throughout life. These books are good for all ages. […]

Inspirational Books for this Time of Year

General Conference is a wonderful time to reflect on our lives and where we stand in our own progress towards perfection.  It’s also a time to become more rejuvenated and motivated to improve our souls.  All of these books are good for all ages.  The last two are picture books.   Power To Become: Spiritual […]

General Conference Evokes Great Books

General Conference time brings some outstanding new books that help elevate and inspire families. Choose Higher Ground, by Henry B. Eyring, is his first book in nearly 12 years and the wait is definitely worth it!  This outstanding book showcases how, and what, we need to do in order to rise above the fray and […]

Paying Homage to Deseret Book

I want to direct this review to the outstanding contributions from Deseret Book Company. This company is above and beyond any other publisher in the pursuit of producing outstanding literature that is uplifting, inspirational and entertaining. I am continually reading through dozens and dozens of children’s books sent to me from all of the major […]

Last Minute Fabulous Book Gifts

Christmas time is a wonderful time to give others something that shows your love for them as illustrated throughout our Savior’s life.  Books are such a perfect gift that demonstrates all you wish to show to your loved ones.  And books can be read over and over so the gift keeps giving! I’ve assembled a […]

Remember Christ in Your “Christ”mas Book Gifts

This truly is a most wonderful time of year to give to others. But a most memorable gift would be a book to cherish throughout the year, or possibly a lifetime, as we reflect on the life of the Savior and the selflessness and perfect example He continually provides for us in our lives. The […]

Church Books Are Always Great Gifts

LDS books about doctrine, history and inspiration are perfect gifts to give to loved ones. Here are some outstanding new LDS books that will surely become favorites to those special family members or friends you desire to receive something truly meaningful. For Times of Trouble: Spiritual Solace From the Psalms, by Jeffrey R. Holland, is […]

The Best Books for Conference and the Rest of Our Lives

These new books encompass reading for enjoyment – along with inspiration and information –and will engage young and old.  I’ll begin with books geared for ages two to seven. My First Book of Temples, by Deanna Draper Buck, and illustrated by Casey Nelson, is actually a board book that fills every page with painted images […]

Books That Go Right Along With General Conference

LDS books can be uplifting, enlightening and entertaining. Here are some outstanding books for families, parents and young adults. I’ll begin with books for light reading for teens though adults. Edenbrooke, by Julianne Donaldson, is a wonderfully written book about a young woman who is about to experience life and love in the early 1800’s. […]