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Wonderful Reissues for 2011

Reissues are wonderful additions to anyone’s library because these classics, favorites or otherwise wonderful books might be forgotten. Here are some outstanding picture books, as well as fiction reads, that are also terrific read alouds and good for all ages. Firebird, by Saviour Pirotta, and beautifully painted by Catherine Hyde, is an old Russian folktale that’s been retold in […]

Fall Books

Fall is around the corner and that means it’s also back to school time. So how about some great books on the subject? Let’s begin with six fiction books that are geared for ages nine and older. The Fabled Fifth Graders of Aesop Elementary School, by Candace Fleming, is a hilarious story with moral lessons hailing […]

Poetry Month part II

Here is the last review celebrating Poetry Month and I’ve collected some outstanding poetry picture books that showcase rhythm and rhyme in story form – and the languid liquidity of word usage. The first two books are filled with serious and glorious poems. A Mirror to Nature:  Poems About Reflection, by Jane Yolen, and photographed […]

April = Poetry Month

April is Poetry Month and I’ve collected a bounteous basket of poetry books to fill this blooming season full of rhymes, rhythms, didactic pentameters and a myriad of liquid language that will flow off the tip of your tongue. Sharing the Seasons:  A Book of Poems, selected by Lee Bennett Hopkins, and illustrated by David […]

Black History Month

February celebrates Black History Month and I’ve collected some outstanding new literature to help us all appreciate this rich heritage as well as understand and learn from our past mistakes. The first three books are especially good for ages 9 and up. This first book just won the coveted Newbery Honor award a few weeks […]

Poetry Books

I’m following-up on last weeks review on poetry because of April Poetry Month and because there are so many great new poetry books that it takes two weeks of reviews to cover them.  There isn’t another medium that articulates beauty, majesty and power better than poems.  Poems can use clear concise words, and as they […]

Poetry Month

April is the month for celebrating the rhyming, patterning and placement of words.   It’s Poetry Month!   Here are some of the best poetry books geared for all ages of kids. Jack Prelutsky has to be America’s best loved children’s poet.   His ability to place words in the most amazing and often humorous […]


Publishers will reissue books that were popular and well received years ago with new covers or have new illustrations to present the book differently or in a more updated way.   However, in some cases, the reissue is packaged exactly the way it was when it first came out. Here is a list of some […]