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Mother Dear, I Love You So

Mother’s Day will soon be here and I’ve collected some wonderful picture books about, and for, moms.  Naturally, these books can be enjoyed by all ages. All We Know, by Linda Ashman, and beautifully painted with watercolor and acrylic by Jane Dyer, has a lyrical rhyming style that begs to be read aloud – perhaps […]

April is Poetry Month

April brings showers and rhymes.  Poetry brings together beautiful words that describe the elegant symbiosis of spring and all that the Lord has created.  There is also great pleasure in rhyming patterns as they drip off when spoken out loud.  In fact, all poetry begs to be read out loud for the impact of the […]

Give the Best Gift: Books

Christmas is right around the corner and what better gift to give someone than a great book?  Books can engage and entertain the mind with wonderful words, beautiful pictures or with the way the pages flip up or out with intricate pop-up books.  Following is a sample of books for ages four through eight except […]

April Celebrates Poetry

One of the best ways to enjoy our language, in an eloquent manner, is through poetry. This genre is one of my favorites because every year new picture books of rhythm, rhyme, haiku and free verse enlighten, as they lighten, our days so we can enjoy the beautiful imagery that language can create. These books […]

Winter White Books

Chilly weather is here and so are many books to help celebrate crunchy snow, blustery winds and icy cold temperatures.  All of these are picture books and are good for all ages.   Winter Bees & Other Poems of the Cold, beautifully composed by Joyce Sidman, and creatively illustrated by Rick Allen, is probably my […]

My Favorite Fiction Books of 2014

It is always challenging for me to select my favorite books geared for eight years old and up because all of the books I review throughout the year are what I consider to be the best books for kids. However, I narrowed down a list and these are my top favorites.  And, all of these […]

April Celebrates Poetry

Our language never sounds better than through the eloquence and elegance of poetry.  Poetry is one of my favorite genres and I relish and cherish words evoking imagery and then rolling off the tongue like a springboard of harmony.  These poetry books will help children and adults enjoy the power of words and the rhythmic […]

April Brings Flowers and Poetry

This is the month to celebrate our beautiful language.  I’ve collected some outstanding books that showcase description with simplicity.  There is no better book to give as a gift to someone special than a book rich with alliterations, similes, rhyming, rhythm and more.  These are all picture books that can be enjoyed by all ages, […]

Poetry Emits Imagery Magic

This is the last review this month dedicated to one of the most elegant visages in language: poetry. These picture books beg to be read out-loud to all ages allowing eloquence, alliteration and dichotomy to prevail. The Princess and the Peas, by Caryl Hart, and illustrated with mixed media by Sarah Warburton, is an adorable […]

Poetry Celebrates Beautiful Language

April is poetry month, and it’s one of my cherished genres, so I’m dedicating the month to “the poem”. The following poetry books should be read out loud to, and by, kids of all ages which would help deepen their appreciation of word placement and descriptions, while strengthening their memories. The New Kid on the […]