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America’s Birthday!

Our great nation is celebrating its birthday in a few days. Here is a collection of great historical books that help inform and bring to all a better appreciation for our America. The first three books are geared more for teens and adults – but be warned:  they are so good that you’d better make […]

My Country ‘Tis of Thee

President’s Day brings about a better appreciation for America’s great leaders of the past, as well as highlighting the tremendous sacrifices our ancestors experienced. Here are some outstanding new publications on the subject that are good for ages nine through adult. The first five books are part of a wonderfully engaging historical fiction series, “Dear […]

Presidents’ Day Books

Presidents’ Day reminds us to appreciate those great presidents that sacrificed much to help keep our wonderful country free and strong. Here are some of the newest and most outstanding books on the subject. All of these books are good for all ages. Presidents’ Day, by Anne Rockwell, and illustrated by Lizzy Rockwell, is a […]

September 11 Books

September 11 is now a day of reflection, sadness, appreciation and of renewing our faith in our great country and believing all that it stands for. Here are some outstanding books that reflect what our country has begat and the talents and abilities of many that allow our democracy to thrive, which in turn allow […]

President’s Day Books

This President’s Day is especially important because it’s also been 200 years since the birth of President Abraham Lincoln.   So here are some of the best books about our past presidents.   The first three books are great for ages 9 through 12. My Brother Abe:   Sally Lincoln’s Story , by Harry Mazer, […]

4th of July Books

Originally Posted on July 4, 2009 American Patriotism and the Fourth of July go hand-in-hand and here is a list of outstanding books to help celebrate our United States of America. George Washington’s Socks, by Elvira Woodruff, was first published back in 1991.  This great book delivers the drama that must have surrounded General George […]