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Independence Day, July 4, will soon be here.  I have gathered several books to help kids reflect on, and appreciate our freedoms, and our military and all those who committed the ultimate sacrifice for and on behalf of our country.  The age appropriateness will be indicated on each book’s review.   Thomas Paine and the […]

Books About “America the Beautiful”

Independence Day will soon be here and what better way to celebrate than educating and enlightening your family with books about our history?  All of these books, except for the last two, are picture books and are good for all ages. The last book is a historical fiction and the one before that is a […]

Excellent Books Celebrating Black History Month

February is Black History Month and here are some great books that will surely inspire your young ones. The first three are picture books and the rest are historical fiction or nonfiction. All books are best suited for ages nine and above. Freedom Over Me: Eleven Slaves, Their Lives and Dreams Brought to Life, by […]

America the Beautiful

Independence Day is right around the corner and that equates with picnics, fireworks and appreciating our beloved country and this land that was saved for these latter days.  Here are some excellent non-fiction and historical fiction books.  Unless indicted, all books are good for ages eight and up. Brave Like My Brother, by Marc Tyler […]

America, Baseball, Ingenuity, and Liberty

Independence Day reflects all that is America.  Here are some wonderful books to remind us of what makes this country great.  All of these books, except the last book, are good for ages 9 and up. Scholastic has an outstanding paperback series, “10 True Tales”, by Allan Zuillo, that incorporates true events that showcase brave […]

America the Beautiful

America’s history is full of heroes and important moments. It’s also rich with God’s blessings as it was saved for these latter days. Here are some books about our great country and some of the events and people that helped shape it into what it is today. Boundaries: How the Mason-Dixon Line Settled a Family […]

God Bless America!

Independence Day is a great time to appreciate our blessed country and reflect on all who have sacrificed their lives to help make it great!  Here are some great books about our USA. The first five are picture books and are good for all ages. Unless stated, the rest of the books are best suited […]

American Books of Liberty and History

With the current publicity surrounding the Presidential candidate contenders for the Republican Party nomination, books about our country and its history can help children understand what’s at stake. Historical fiction books are a great introduction to famous people and events that helped to shape our country.  Here are some outstanding picture and fiction books for […]

America’s Birthday!

Our great nation is celebrating its birthday in a few days. Here is a collection of great historical books that help inform and bring to all a better appreciation for our America. The first three books are geared more for teens and adults – but be warned:  they are so good that you’d better make […]

My Country ‘Tis of Thee

President’s Day brings about a better appreciation for America’s great leaders of the past, as well as highlighting the tremendous sacrifices our ancestors experienced. Here are some outstanding new publications on the subject that are good for ages nine through adult. The first five books are part of a wonderfully engaging historical fiction series, “Dear […]