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Moms Make the World Go ‘Round

What a perfect time of the year to celebrate our cherished mothers. Trees and flowers are in bloom and the earth is renewed. So here are some great books all about mom. Strength in Stillness: A Message for Women, by Patricia Holland, is a small booklet that encompasses important lessons to be learned. Sister Holland […]

More of the Best Books from 2013

This week concludes my list of favorite books from last year.  Except for the last book, which is best suited for ages 16 through adult, all of these books are good for ages 9 and up.   12 Kinds of Ice, by Ellen Bryan Obed, and beautifully illustrated with pen and ink by Barbara McClintock, […]

My Favorite Books of the Year 2013

It’s time for my choices of the best books from 2013. This is the first of two lists and will be completed next week. All of these books are good for ages 9 and up. Some of these books could become Newbery winners that will be announced toward the end of January. Escape From Mr. […]

It’s Gift Giving Time

Some of the best gifts to give at Christmas time are books! Books can uplift, motivate, entertain, inform and educate. Here is a list of non-fiction books that are perfect for the entire family, extended family, neighbors and friends. I’ve divided these outstanding books into animals, people, information and science. Eight Dolphins of Katrina: A […]

Take Me Out to the Ball Game: With Books!

Summer is the time of year to enjoy the outdoors and watch baseball and other sports. Here are some great books about different popular sports that enthusiasts will definitely enjoy!  Except for the picture books noted below, the rest of the books are good for ages nine through adult. Strike Three You’re Dead, by Josh […]

My Picks for My Favorite Books from the Past School Year

School is now either over or almost completed.  What better time than to lean against a tall willow and read a great book?  These are books geared for ages nine and older. Sophia’s War, by Avi, is an astounding story written by one of the best historical fiction writers for kids. It’s 1776 and young […]

Celebrate President’s Day with Patriotic Books

President’s Day is a perfect holiday to reflect back on great presidents, historical events and American heroes. All but the last two of these books are geared for ages nine and up. The last two are picture books that are good for all ages. Lincoln’s Last Days: The Shocking Assassination That Changed America Forever, by […]

Christmas Time is Here!

It’s time to get those special presents for loved ones and what better type of present than BOOKS! For the next several weeks leading up to Christmas I will have some of the best gift-giving books that have been recently published. This week’s review centers on non-fiction books which can apply perfectly to families of […]

Springtime Animals

Are you looking for excellent books about animals?  Here are several non-fiction books good for all ages that I will categorize into specific groups that are all about animals. All books, unless noted, have glossaries found at the back. Ocean and Sea (Scholastic “Discover More” series), by Steve Parker, is part of a wonderful new […]

We Can Learn Much From Non-Fiction Books

With the recent 100 year anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, here are some books on that subject, as well as other remarkable non-fiction books that kids of all ages can learn from and enjoy. 882 1/2 Amazing Answers to your Questions About the Titanic, by Hugh Brewster and Laurie Coulter, answers many questions […]