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Picture Lives Enriched with Picture Books

Picture books can be uplifting, rejuvenating, informative and rich with a message to teach. They are easily accessible and can be read through quickly or slowly if time permits. They can be enjoyed by all ages, except for the last book which is geared more for ages 4 to 7, and perfect for families to […]

Oh Baby! Books

Baby books are the perfect way to teach newborns to toddlers many things including attention span, comprehension and language.  Almost all of these new selections are board books which are normally small in size.  All have bright colors and many have tabs or flaps to lift.  All of these teach simple concepts to boost intelligence […]

More Great Books for New Readers

This collection of outstanding books is geared for new chapter book readers as the chapters are short, the font is large and there is a smattering of black-and-white illustrations found throughout the books.  The first four books would be excellent to read-out-loud and are geared for all ages.  And all but the last two books […]

Learning to Read has Never Been so Fun!

Authors and illustrators of emergent and early chapter books are keyed into helping youngsters enjoy reading.  The subjects and pictures of these newly published books seem to draw the young reader in and keep them reading.  Many of these books include humor, sensitivity and non-fiction subject matter and many are part of new series.  The […]

New Readers for New Readers

Helping youngsters read books that they can enjoy while progressing as a reader is a great goal for parents, teachers and families. This week I’m reviewing outstanding books for beginning readers through level 3. I’ll conclude next week with early chapter books. All of these books are good for ages four to seven, depending on […]

School’s In, Time to Begin!

Now that school’s back in session it’s time to get back into learning, listening and doing well in school. Here are several books about school as well as the upcoming Presidential election. The last book is a short chapter book about the attacks of September 11, 2001 due to the upcoming eleventh anniversary of those […]

Early Chapter Books For Young Readers

This week concludes my review of books geared for new readers. Many of these early chapter books are the first in planned new series. They are all excellent reads and most likely will entice kids, ages six to eight, into the joys of reading.  All of these books have illustrations sprinkled throughout to help propel […]

Beginning Readers for New Readers

Are you looking for easy books to help your young reader experience reading success? These books begin with emergent readers and move on to more difficult readers with more words, sentences and eventually smaller font.  But all have bright pictures that help move the story along.  Next week, I’ll review early chapter books for children […]

Chapter Books for Young Readers

This is the last of three reviews geared for new readers. The books listed below are for readers who are able to read more complex stories with many chapters, smaller font and with fewer pictures sprinkled throughout. But all the books still cater to the newer readers in this category; hence, there’s still pictures found […]

Beginning Chapter Books for Young Readers

This week, I’m reviewing new early chapter books which include fewer pictures, more words and smaller font.  I’ll begin with the easiest books in this category and move into books emerging into a more complex storyline and fewer words. Next week, I’ll end this theme of new readers with more difficult early chapter books. Cork […]