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Time for Fall

The season to prepare for winter is now upon us. Here are picture books to help celebrate a season of changing weather, temperature and scenery. All of these books are good for all ages.   Winter is Coming, by Troy Johnston, and gorgeously painted with acrylics, colored pencils and opaque inks on watercolor paper by […]

New Books for General Conference

Books can be inspirational and help you get your mind and spirit in tune with the upcoming General Conference speakers. Here are newly published books to help set the tone in your home. The first book is a picture book good for all ages. The next book is good for teens. The rest of the […]

Books with Good Advice for the End of the School Year

Books are always great presents for celebrating the end of the school year whether it’s the end of one grade or progressing on to the next level, or building to prepare for the next year.  Here are some excellent books to help all ages become better adults.   Isabelle & Isabella’s Little Book of Rules, […]

Graduation Time

Graduating from school doesn’t mean the end of school, but the beginning of a lifetime of learning.  Here are some outstanding books that emphasize what’s truly important in life and the importance of service, selflessness, kindness, setting goals for improvement and striving to be more Christ-like throughout life. These books are good for all ages. […]

Mother, I Love You!

It’s time to tell Mom how much you love and appreciate her.  But, hopefully, you express loving thoughts to her continually.  Here are some great picture books to help celebrate Mother’s Day.  Except for the last two books, which are geared for adults, all of these books are good for all ages.   A Gift […]

Inspirational Books for this Time of Year

General Conference is a wonderful time to reflect on our lives and where we stand in our own progress towards perfection.  It’s also a time to become more rejuvenated and motivated to improve our souls.  All of these books are good for all ages.  The last two are picture books.   Power To Become: Spiritual […]

Books About Our United States Presidents

We just celebrated our country’s great presidents.  Last Wednesday, February 12, was Abraham Lincoln’s birthday and tomorrow is George Washington’s birthday anniversary.  In honor of these two great presidents, I’ve gathered some outstanding books about several of our presidents throughout the years.  All of these are picture books except for James L. Swanson’s book about […]

Heart-Felt Books

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner making this holiday a wonderful time to show those you love how much you really care about them.  What better way to show them than through words and books.  All of the following books are picture books and are perfect for all ages – especially those in love. […]

More of the Best Books from 2013

This week concludes my list of favorite books from last year.  Except for the last book, which is best suited for ages 16 through adult, all of these books are good for ages 9 and up.   12 Kinds of Ice, by Ellen Bryan Obed, and beautifully illustrated with pen and ink by Barbara McClintock, […]

My Favorite Books of the Year 2013

It’s time for my choices of the best books from 2013. This is the first of two lists and will be completed next week. All of these books are good for ages 9 and up. Some of these books could become Newbery winners that will be announced toward the end of January. Escape From Mr. […]