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My Top Favorite Books from the School Year

Here are my top picks of fiction books geared for kids nine and older from this past school year, with the exception of the last book which is best suited for teens through adults.  However, all of these books, except the last one, would also be terrific to read-aloud and most likely will incur a […]

The Best Books From 2011

Last year – 2011 – was a great year for great books!  It was most difficult to narrow down my long list of outstanding books for this review.  The list of exceptional books is geared for ages nine and older, as that’s the age I’m most interested in keeping the excitement and interest in reading. […]

Best Fiction Books for 2010

It was hard to decide which books I should include without making the list too long. But every book listed is a great read – as well as a read aloud – and best for ages 9 and up. Wishing for Tomorrow:  The Sequel to A Little Princess, by Hilary McKay, and with illustrations sprinkled […]

Best of the Best of 2008

Here is my annual “best of the best” list from 2008.   The first 11 books are geared for ages nine and up.   The last four are my top picture books of the year. We Are the Ship: The Story of Negro League Baseball , written and illustrated by Kadir Nelson, is an oversized […]


Reissues are a wonderful way to find some of the best books from the past that have been written for kids.   Here are some exceptional books for young, and old, that will likely be read again and again.   The first four books are geared for ages 9 through adult. The Egypt Game , […]

Best Books Reviewed During the School Year

School is ending and it’s time to celebrate the summer season by reading for enjoyment and not because it’s an assignment.   Here is a list of my favorite great books reviewed during this past school year: I’ll begin with my favorite books geared for ages nine through adult.   The Invention of Hugo Cabret, […]

Best of the Best of 2007

I’ve just compiled my annual list of favorite books from 2007!   Even though I only review the best books every week, I still develop my top favorites because they are so good.   Most of these books have inspiring messages within them. I’ll begin with picture books that are great for all ages . […]