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February Celebrates Patriotism and Black History Month

I have gathered together some outstanding books for both of these observances.  The first five books celebrate America and the rest deal with Black History Month.  The first book and the last two books are historical fiction and are good for ages nine and up.  The rest of the books are picture books and are […]

Daylight Savings is Gone; Now More Time to Read

Beware – the books listed here are all page-turners and are perfect to read out loud as you settle in for the night.  They are good for ages 9 and above to read independently and they are all good for ages 6 and up to be read out loud. Restart, by Gordon Korman, is an […]

Hearts and Presidents Books

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time to express your love and appreciation for dear ones. Here are some special books to help you show your deep feelings. All of the Valentine’s Day books are picture books good for ages three to eight, except for the “Fairy Tale Matchmaker” which is geared for ages eight to […]


Books about great people in history make for inspiring reads.  Here are some awe-inspiring books about real people that overcame much to become a tremendous influence to all around them.  But first, I need to mention the nationally celebrated book awards geared for children that were recently announced. The Caldecott Medal winner (for outstanding picture […]

Great Historical and Realistic Fiction

Books with historical content are both entertaining and educational.  This is one of the best ways to teach kids history along with enjoying history: by putting it into a story with interesting characters intertwined with factual history.  Realistic fiction brings out current issues or problems kids deal with and teaches ways to solve these dilemmas. […]

More of the Best Books from 2013

This week concludes my list of favorite books from last year.  Except for the last book, which is best suited for ages 16 through adult, all of these books are good for ages 9 and up.   12 Kinds of Ice, by Ellen Bryan Obed, and beautifully illustrated with pen and ink by Barbara McClintock, […]

My Favorite Books of the Year 2013

It’s time for my choices of the best books from 2013. This is the first of two lists and will be completed next week. All of these books are good for ages 9 and up. Some of these books could become Newbery winners that will be announced toward the end of January. Escape From Mr. […]

Time for Summer Reading

If you’re looking for some great books for summer for ages 9 and older, look no further.  I’ve put together a list of books that would be great reading during these hot summer days or nights. My list includes historical fiction, mystery, science fiction, realistic fiction, fantasy and humor. The Vine Basket, by Josanne La […]

February is Black History Month

Non-fiction books, as well as works of historical fiction, are excellent tools to teach young people about our Country’s past. Throughout the books reviewed below, young and old will be enlightened, inspired, amazed and in some cases troubled from events that should never be forgotten.  These are all picture books and are good for family […]

Celebrate President’s Day with Patriotic Books

President’s Day is a perfect holiday to reflect back on great presidents, historical events and American heroes. All but the last two of these books are geared for ages nine and up. The last two are picture books that are good for all ages. Lincoln’s Last Days: The Shocking Assassination That Changed America Forever, by […]