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Sleepy Time Books

Winter brings long dark nights. It also brings bedtime in cold, windy and snowy conditions. Here are some new picture books that are sure to help settle down youngsters, ages three to seven, and have them begging to be read to again and again. The Princess and the Giant, by Caryl Hart, and brightly illustrated […]

Sleepy-Time Books

School time means earlier bedtime for youngsters.  What better way to get them to settle down and go to sleep than a great read-out-loud picture book about this subject?  These books are all good for ages three to seven. Moonday, by Adam Rex, is a clever and creative story about how the moon ended up […]

Picture Lives Enriched with Picture Books

Picture books can be uplifting, rejuvenating, informative and rich with a message to teach. They are easily accessible and can be read through quickly or slowly if time permits. They can be enjoyed by all ages, except for the last book which is geared more for ages 4 to 7, and perfect for families to […]

Amazing Wordless Picture Books

Picture books can inform, excite and help youngsters understand the world around them.  There are also picture books that can help children communicate, as well as extend their imaginations.  I’ve compiled some outstanding new picture books that are generally wordless.  These types of books are perfect to help youngsters verbalize what they see in the […]

Great Fiction Can Excite Kids to Read

If you can tell kids, ages eight through fourteen, a little about a book this small tease can encourage them to open a book and get them reading.  Here are the books to do just this – and what better time than summer?  This list encompasses fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, mystery, sports and humor. […]

Long Nights Allow Great Bedtime Stories

What better time to read about long dark nights than at bedtime?  Here are some new and entertaining picture books on the subject.  Each book is good for ages four through eight. Nightsong, by Ari Berk, and richly illustrated with images of the night by Loren Long, is an exhilarating tale of overcoming one’s fears. […]

The Best Time to Curl Up with a Good Book

Long dark cold nights are a great time to get comfortable by a fire and read a great fiction book. Most of these newly published page-turners are best suited for ages nine and up and many of these would be perfect to read aloud to family members.  The last three books are geared for ages […]

Night Time, Bed Time: Read Time

Now that the nights are getting longer and Daylight Savings time is ending next month, it’s time to get in the routine of reading nightly to your kids.  Here are some great read-aloud books to read when your children are getting ready to go to sleep. The first three books have several stories included and […]

Fall, Pumpkins and Spooky Books

Autumn time is full of color, costumes and books. Here are some great books on the subject. That Pup!, by Lindsay Barrett George, is a simple picture book painted with full color gouache that has a small pup locating, and then counting, acorns behind a wheelbarrow full of leaves, in a pumpkin patch and so […]

Books that go Bump in the Night

These picture books may not actually scare kids ages four and up, but they’ll sure enjoy reading them over and over again. Creepy Monsters, Sleepy Monsters:  A Lullaby, by Jane Yolen, and brilliantly painted from top to bottom of every page by Kelly Murphy, is a most creative story about the most unique-looking monsters waiting […]