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Baby Oh Baby Books

Baby books come in all sizes and shapes, but often the best baby books are board books.  This type of book is sturdy and will last much longer if baby wants to pull, tug or even drool on it.  I have compiled some of the best, newest books made to keep baby interested for as […]


It’s summer and there are some outstanding picture books celebrating this wonderful season of the year by enjoying the beauty outside and the many varieties on God’s green earth.  All the books are good for ages three to eight unless otherwise indicated.   Busy-Eyed Day, by Anne Marie Pace, and painted with vibrant double-page illustrations […]

Children’s Book Awards and Books for Baby

The annual Newbery and Caldecott awards were recently announced. Here are the award winners for best books geared for kids ages ten through fourteen:  Medal winner: “Hello, Universe” by Kelly. Three Honor books: “Crown: An Ode to the Fresh Cut” by Barnes, “Long Way Down” by Reynolds, “Piecing Me Together” by Watson. The Caldecott awards are for the best picture […]

Babies Babies Everywhere

Springtime and babies seem to go together.  Here are some of the very best books geared for babies and families of young children ages zero to four.  Except for the last five, all are small board books made sturdy and thick for little hands.  I’ve grouped them into four sections: concepts, beginning reading, uniquely packaged […]

Growing with Babies and Toddlers

Babies should be exposed to books as soon as possible. This should be an on-going process throughout childhood as children develop their brains and thinking skills. It’s been proven that the earlier a parent continually reads to their children, the better that child is able to comprehend and analyze the world around them, as well […]

It’s a Great Time to Learn

Winter can be a restful, quiet time to settle youngsters down and help them learn. Here are some great picture books from which to learn letters, numbers, colors and shapes, all geared for toddlers.   Square Cat ABC, by Elizabeth Schoonmaker, cleverly weaves a story around the letters of the alphabet. This delightful tale involves […]

Oh Baby! Books

Baby books are the perfect way to teach newborns to toddlers many things including attention span, comprehension and language.  Almost all of these new selections are board books which are normally small in size.  All have bright colors and many have tabs or flaps to lift.  All of these teach simple concepts to boost intelligence […]

Amazing Wordless Picture Books

Picture books can inform, excite and help youngsters understand the world around them.  There are also picture books that can help children communicate, as well as extend their imaginations.  I’ve compiled some outstanding new picture books that are generally wordless.  These types of books are perfect to help youngsters verbalize what they see in the […]

Babies + Books = Bright Happy People

Last week I reviewed outstanding books for newborns, babies and toddlers. This week I conclude my review for babies with interesting and uniquely packaged books. All of the books are sturdy board books, except for the books with asterisks, as those are pop-up books.  All books listed are good for babies and toddlers. *Itsy Bitsy […]

Baby Baby: Good Books for Baby

The best time to help youngsters capture the love of books and reading is when they are new to this world.  Reading to newborns, babies and toddlers help them in so many ways. The strong bond between parent and baby becomes even stronger when being read to. There is also language development, facial expressions, voice […]