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Dinosaurs and Dragons

Dinosaur books simply captivate the imagination of youngsters.  I’ve gathered together some great picture books on the subject and have also included another large and wild beast: the dragon.  All but the last book are picture books and are good for ages three through eight. The Great Big Dinosaur Treasury (Tales of Adventures and Discovery), […]

Winter White Books

Chilly weather is here and so are many books to help celebrate crunchy snow, blustery winds and icy cold temperatures.  All of these are picture books and are good for all ages.   Winter Bees & Other Poems of the Cold, beautifully composed by Joyce Sidman, and creatively illustrated by Rick Allen, is probably my […]

Christmas is Coming!

Christmas Day is right around the corner and time is running out for those special presents for all those special people.  Here are some excellent ideas – and, of course, they are all books!  The first three books are perfect for the entire family.  Appropriate ages will be indicated for the rest of the books. […]

Time to Button Up for Winter Books

Winter brings lots of cold weather, snow and books about this season.  The first four books are good for ages 9 and up. The rest are picture books and are good for all ages.   The Wolf Princess, by Cathryn Constable, is about a girl, Sophie, who lives in a poor orphanage but gets the […]

It’s Gift Giving Time

Some of the best gifts to give at Christmas time are books! Books can uplift, motivate, entertain, inform and educate. Here is a list of non-fiction books that are perfect for the entire family, extended family, neighbors and friends. I’ve divided these outstanding books into animals, people, information and science. Eight Dolphins of Katrina: A […]

Dragons and Dinosaurs

From fantasy to realism, these picture books will enthrall and teach the reader about these gigantic beasts of old.  Some of the books are so fun and funny that kids will likely laugh out loud.  All of the books are good for ages 3 to 7 and are a perfect nighttime treat for bedtime. Waking […]

Dinosaur Books Captivate the Imagination

There are few types of books that draw the reader in like books about these giant reptiles of long ago.  These outstanding books (unless otherwise stated) are geared for ages four through eight and are in a picture book format. Let’s Look at Dinosaurs, by Frances Barry, has an interesting format featuring a large dinosaur […]

Springtime Animals

Are you looking for excellent books about animals?  Here are several non-fiction books good for all ages that I will categorize into specific groups that are all about animals. All books, unless noted, have glossaries found at the back. Ocean and Sea (Scholastic “Discover More” series), by Steve Parker, is part of a wonderful new […]

Spring Wakes Up Reptiles, Bugs and Amphibians

It’s that time of year again for critters of all sizes and shapes to appear outside – for better or worse. In my case I’m not anticipating, on my daily hikes, the springtime sightings of snakes as they wake from their slumber. Here are some outstanding new non-fiction books for all ages on these subjects. […]

Animal Books are Likely to Excite Readers into Non-Fiction

The co-existence of thousands of animals living amongst us is important and balances all that our Creator provides. Here are some informative and amazing factual accounts about many different kinds of animals and these books are good for all ages. Almost all are in a picture book format with beautiful photos or paintings. Saving the […]