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Take Me Out to the Ball Game: Great Sports Books

It’s baseball season – and football season is right around the corner. Soccer is now over and so is basketball.  But various sporting events surround these outstanding books. The first three books are picture books and are good for all ages. The rest of the books are good for ages nine and up.   Baseball […]

The Best Fiction Books for Summer

Summertime is the best time to relax and pick up a book.  What better time is there to while away the hours than reading underneath the shade of a leafy tree?  There’s no homework to worry about and the sun is up longer and the weather couldn’t be better.  So what are you waiting for? […]

America the Beautiful

America’s history is full of heroes and important moments. It’s also rich with God’s blessings as it was saved for these latter days. Here are some books about our great country and some of the events and people that helped shape it into what it is today. Boundaries: How the Mason-Dixon Line Settled a Family […]

The Beauty of God’s Green Earth

The nicest season of the year to be outside is right now.  Animals, plants and bugs all come alive in the warmth of the sun.  Here are picture books that are good for all ages, unless otherwise indicated, to help celebrate this season of nature and enjoy the great outdoors.   Picnic, by John Burningham, […]

Books with Good Advice for the End of the School Year

Books are always great presents for celebrating the end of the school year whether it’s the end of one grade or progressing on to the next level, or building to prepare for the next year.  Here are some excellent books to help all ages become better adults.   Isabelle & Isabella’s Little Book of Rules, […]

Graduation Time

Graduating from school doesn’t mean the end of school, but the beginning of a lifetime of learning.  Here are some outstanding books that emphasize what’s truly important in life and the importance of service, selflessness, kindness, setting goals for improvement and striving to be more Christ-like throughout life. These books are good for all ages. […]

Mother, I Love You!

It’s time to tell Mom how much you love and appreciate her.  But, hopefully, you express loving thoughts to her continually.  Here are some great picture books to help celebrate Mother’s Day.  Except for the last two books, which are geared for adults, all of these books are good for all ages.   A Gift […]

April Celebrates Poetry

Our language never sounds better than through the eloquence and elegance of poetry.  Poetry is one of my favorite genres and I relish and cherish words evoking imagery and then rolling off the tongue like a springboard of harmony.  These poetry books will help children and adults enjoy the power of words and the rhythmic […]

April Brings Flowers and Poetry

This is the month to celebrate our beautiful language.  I’ve collected some outstanding books that showcase description with simplicity.  There is no better book to give as a gift to someone special than a book rich with alliterations, similes, rhyming, rhythm and more.  These are all picture books that can be enjoyed by all ages, […]

Inspirational Books for this Time of Year

General Conference is a wonderful time to reflect on our lives and where we stand in our own progress towards perfection.  It’s also a time to become more rejuvenated and motivated to improve our souls.  All of these books are good for all ages.  The last two are picture books.   Power To Become: Spiritual […]