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Christmas is for Loving Our Savior

Christmas time is a special time of year for family and joy. We should constantly remember the Savior and His love and sacrifice for each of us and here are some outstanding books to help touch our spirits and place our hearts where they belong.   It is Better to Look Up: Life Experiences Shared […]

Christmas is Coming!

Christmas Day is right around the corner and time is running out for those special presents for all those special people.  Here are some excellent ideas – and, of course, they are all books!  The first three books are perfect for the entire family.  Appropriate ages will be indicated for the rest of the books. […]

Reissued Books Make Perfect Gifts

Some of the classic children’s books that families will thoroughly enjoy have recently been reissued. If you haven’t read them, you’re truly missing out on some of the best literature ever written for, and about, children. All of these outstanding books would be perfect to read out-loud for all ages, except for Lois Lowry’s books. […]

Time for Fall

The season to prepare for winter is now upon us. Here are picture books to help celebrate a season of changing weather, temperature and scenery. All of these books are good for all ages.   Winter is Coming, by Troy Johnston, and gorgeously painted with acrylics, colored pencils and opaque inks on watercolor paper by […]

Halloween’s Coming!

This most fun time of the year for children can help engage them in humorous and/or entertaining mysteries. Except for the last book, which is an early chapter book for ages 7 to 10, the rest of these books are picture books and are good for all ages.   Bats in the Band, by Brian […]

Reading Can Nourish the Soul, Feed the Heart and Strengthen the Mind

Books can be uplifting, inspiring, faith-promoting, relaxing and entertaining. Reading good books, in addition to the scriptures, can improve your attitude on life and your worth as a child of God and can help direct you toward becoming a better person, while invigorating your entire being.   There’s new information coming out about how our […]

New Books for General Conference

Books can be inspirational and help you get your mind and spirit in tune with the upcoming General Conference speakers. Here are newly published books to help set the tone in your home. The first book is a picture book good for all ages. The next book is good for teens. The rest of the […]

Sleepy-Time Books

School time means earlier bedtime for youngsters.  What better way to get them to settle down and go to sleep than a great read-out-loud picture book about this subject?  These books are all good for ages three to seven. Moonday, by Adam Rex, is a clever and creative story about how the moon ended up […]

School is Cool

School has begun, or is about to begin, and children are beginning a new year with new teachers and subjects to learn.  Some important things kids learn besides academics are friendship, kindness and getting along with others.  Here are some outstanding picture books on these other subjects, as well as etiquette and manners.  All of […]

Picture Lives Enriched with Picture Books

Picture books can be uplifting, rejuvenating, informative and rich with a message to teach. They are easily accessible and can be read through quickly or slowly if time permits. They can be enjoyed by all ages, except for the last book which is geared more for ages 4 to 7, and perfect for families to […]