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Trick or Treat: Time to Read

Halloween brings fun and enjoyable picture books that kids will love to read – or be read to.  Here are some of the best and newest books to celebrate a holiday that is tailored for youngsters.  With the exception of the first book, which is good for all ages, the rest are good for ages […]

Families Can Be Together … by Reading

There aren’t many activities that can bind a family together better than reading together.  Beginning each day with reading the scriptures and ending each day with a family read-out-loud is a perfect beginning and ending for families.  Here are some outstanding books geared for families to help wind down a full day.  The first three […]

More Great Books for New Readers

This collection of outstanding books is geared for new chapter book readers as the chapters are short, the font is large and there is a smattering of black-and-white illustrations found throughout the books.  The first four books would be excellent to read-out-loud and are geared for all ages.  And all but the last two books […]

Learning to Read has Never Been so Fun!

Authors and illustrators of emergent and early chapter books are keyed into helping youngsters enjoy reading.  The subjects and pictures of these newly published books seem to draw the young reader in and keep them reading.  Many of these books include humor, sensitivity and non-fiction subject matter and many are part of new series.  The […]

Learning Time for Kids

After the regular school day is over is a perfect time to keep the learning process going.  Here are some excellent picture books to keep youngsters, ages three to six, actively engaged in learning.   My Blue is Happy, by Jessica Young, and illustrated with full page vibrant acrylic by Catia Chein, explores feelings through […]

Outstanding Chapter Books for Kids

School time can mean homework, but it can also mean making time to read in the evening.  What better time to find a great book for ages nine and up than right now?  These books cover several genres which include fantasy, science fiction, mystery, humor and historical fiction.  All of these books are perfect for […]

School Time Means Earlier Bedtimes

Now that school is back in session getting back in the routine to go to bed at an earlier time is important. After homework, independent reading, scripture study and family prayer have all been completed, there’s not much time left for bedside reading.  However, bedtime reading is as valuable as homework as it helps bond […]

School’s On: Behave and Learn

Now that school is back in session, it’s time to settle in to learning, listening and behaving.  Here are some excellent books about all three subjects. Almost all of the books are good for ages four through eight, unless indicated. Exclamation Mark!, by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, and delightfully created and illustrated with ink by Tom […]

School Time Again: Time for New Beginnings

School is right around the corner and what better time of year to help youngsters ages four through eight be prepared than through helpful books? Pete the Cat: The Wheels on the Bus, based on the creation of James Dean, is filled with learning lessons.  The watercolor and acrylic paint is bright and eye-catching and […]

Dragons and Dinosaurs

From fantasy to realism, these picture books will enthrall and teach the reader about these gigantic beasts of old.  Some of the books are so fun and funny that kids will likely laugh out loud.  All of the books are good for ages 3 to 7 and are a perfect nighttime treat for bedtime. Waking […]