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Spooky Days are Here Again

Are you looking for just the right amount of “scare” in a fiction book or perhaps a fun Halloween picture book for your youngster? Here is a combination of both types, beginning with books geared for readers ages nine and older, with the exception of the last fiction book. The picture books can be enjoyed […]

The Best Books for Conference and the Rest of Our Lives

These new books encompass reading for enjoyment – along with inspiration and information –and will engage young and old.  I’ll begin with books geared for ages two to seven. My First Book of Temples, by Deanna Draper Buck, and illustrated by Casey Nelson, is actually a board book that fills every page with painted images […]

Night Time, Bed Time: Read Time

Now that the nights are getting longer and Daylight Savings time is ending next month, it’s time to get in the routine of reading nightly to your kids.  Here are some great read-aloud books to read when your children are getting ready to go to sleep. The first three books have several stories included and […]

Reading Picture Books Out Loud Makes Lasting Memories

I’d be willing to bet that many of you have fond memories of picture books you either read to your youngster, or books being read to you in your younger days.  Here are some wonderful picture books that will be taken off your bookshelf more times than you can count.  Picture books can be enjoyed […]

Fiction Books at their Best

Are you looking for great books for your nine and older child? It seems that is the on-going question for all of us as we search for great reads for kids – and to read aloud to them. Here are some outstanding books that will be difficult to put down and I’ve included several types […]

School’s In, Time to Begin!

Now that school’s back in session it’s time to get back into learning, listening and doing well in school. Here are several books about school as well as the upcoming Presidential election. The last book is a short chapter book about the attacks of September 11, 2001 due to the upcoming eleventh anniversary of those […]

Reading and Writing Go Hand in Hand

Good writing skills seem to be less and less common as kids of all ages type or text to communicate their thoughts.  But, it’s a proven fact that the more children read, the better their writing skills. Here are some outstanding books to help initiate thought and motivate the reader to create by writing down […]

Early Chapter Books For Young Readers

This week concludes my review of books geared for new readers. Many of these early chapter books are the first in planned new series. They are all excellent reads and most likely will entice kids, ages six to eight, into the joys of reading.  All of these books have illustrations sprinkled throughout to help propel […]

Beginning Readers for New Readers

Are you looking for easy books to help your young reader experience reading success? These books begin with emergent readers and move on to more difficult readers with more words, sentences and eventually smaller font.  But all have bright pictures that help move the story along.  Next week, I’ll review early chapter books for children […]

Get Your Youngster Up to Speed on Letters and Numbers

School is right around the corner and what better way to prepare your 2 to 5 year old child on the basics than with these great picture books? I’ll begin with books about amounts then move on to alphabet books and end with two other important concept books. 1-2-3 Peas, by Keith Baker, is masterly […]