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Last Minute Fabulous Book Gifts

Christmas time is a wonderful time to give others something that shows your love for them as illustrated throughout our Savior’s life.  Books are such a perfect gift that demonstrates all you wish to show to your loved ones.  And books can be read over and over so the gift keeps giving! I’ve assembled a […]

Remember Christ in Your “Christ”mas Book Gifts

This truly is a most wonderful time of year to give to others. But a most memorable gift would be a book to cherish throughout the year, or possibly a lifetime, as we reflect on the life of the Savior and the selflessness and perfect example He continually provides for us in our lives. The […]

A Most Miraculous Time of the Year

I am reviewing one of the most beautiful and reverent picture books you’ll find for Christmas!  The Nativity, by J. Kirk Richards, has a sacred feel from cover to cover.  Upon opening the book, you find the end-pages filled with a glow of gold.  When turning the pages, a pallet of brown and gold hues […]

Church Books Are Always Great Gifts

LDS books about doctrine, history and inspiration are perfect gifts to give to loved ones. Here are some outstanding new LDS books that will surely become favorites to those special family members or friends you desire to receive something truly meaningful. For Times of Trouble: Spiritual Solace From the Psalms, by Jeffrey R. Holland, is […]

Christmas Time is Here!

It’s time to get those special presents for loved ones and what better type of present than BOOKS! For the next several weeks leading up to Christmas I will have some of the best gift-giving books that have been recently published. This week’s review centers on non-fiction books which can apply perfectly to families of […]

Great Fiction to Excite Kids to Read

The next few reviews will be dedicated to outstanding new books that will surely encourage kids, ages nine and up, to capture the love and joy of reading. The last book is best suited for teens and adults. The One and Only Ivan, by Katherine Applegate, should be a definite candidate for the next Newbery […]

Lively Fiction Keeps Kids Reading

It’s a continual problem to find books for kids that are so good that it keeps them reading clear to the end. Here are more outstanding books for ages nine and older that will likely keep them reading deep into the night!  Only the last book is better suited for ages seven to ten. This […]

The Elections are Finally Over, Now Let’s Get Reading

If you are looking for fiction books to excite and instill a life long love of reading, here is a nice variety of genre that are all page-turners and that even reluctant readers will enjoy.  All are geared for ages nine and older, unless otherwise stated. This is the second of three planned reviews in […]

Halloween’s Around the Corner: Beware

I’ve been saving some great picture books for this annual occasion, so get ready for fun, funny and entertaining Halloween books good for all ages. Also, the last four books are geared primarily for ages seven to ten. The Monsters’ Monster, by Patrick McDonnell, is a sweet story that centers around a giant of a […]

Ghostly Tales for Spooky Nights

Halloween is quickly approaching and what better way to get in the mood of the holiday than with some books of thrills and chills. The first 2 books are geared for older children and the rest are picture books good for all ages. The Girl Behind the Glass, by Jane Kelley, is a story that […]