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Last week I reviewed great books to read to the youngest children in your family. This week I’m reviewing baby books that have been uniquely packaged to help intrigue and teach little ones.

Click, Clack, Moo:  Cows That Type, by Doreen Cronin, and illustrated by Betsy Lewin, is a book and play set that is packaged in the shape of a barn.  As you open the barn, a cardboard fence unfolds and cows and other farm animals, as well as the farmer, are inside to place individually inside the fence.  The board book that is placed in front of the barn is delightful, making this a fun set to read and play.  There’s a “Farmer Brown’s Barnyard Gift Set”  that’s also in the shape of a barn and holds the three favorite books from the same author and illustrator:  “Dooby Dooby Moo”, Click, Clack Moo:  Cows That Type” and Giggle, Giggle, Quack”. And while we’re talking about farm animals, Pig-A-Boo! A Farmyard Peekaboo Book!, by Dorothea DePrisco, and illustrated by Treesha Runnells, is a smallish sized board book with full sized flaps that open to reveal wonderful textures.

Here are some great books that introduce numbers.  Count With Maisy, by Lucy Cousins, is a board book that’s all about counting.  To go along with this brightly colored book are 10 brightly colored blocks that are labeled from 1 to 10.  What a great way to teach numbers!  Flip-Up Counting and Flip-Up Shapes, both by Chuck Murphy, are board books that reveal numbers, amounts and basic shapes in a most unique way by pushing the corners down and making more of the page appear.  Five Silly Monkeys, by Susie Brooks, and illustrated by Debbie Tarbett, is a fun counting board book. After reading each page you can push a protruding button to make monkey chatter.  Curious Baby Curious George – Counting:  My First Book of Numbers has a simple abacus for baby to push according to the amount of animals on each board book page.  The numbers go from 1 to 5.  Karen Katz’s trademark brightly colored book:  Ten Tiny Babies is full of babies as they go through their day. She also has Counting Kisses, which features the counting board book and a cute soft kitten rattle. Dr. Seuss Beginner Counting Cards contains a deck of cards to play and learn numbers and amounts making learning great fun.  There’s also another deck of cards to learn about opposites:  Dr. Seuss Beginner Concept Cards.  Build a Burrito:  A Counting Book in English and Spanish, by Denise Vega, and illustrated by David Diaz, is in the shape of a burrito and the inside of the book is filled with layers of shorter pages in the shapes of the food that goes into the burrito.  You can count the amount of each type of food that goes into this yummy looking Spanish food.

Here are some great books to learn about shapes and colors.  My Friends Tigger & Pooh:  Colors and Shapes Discovery teaches these concepts with holographs making the pictures change and move.  Rock & Roll:  Colors, by Salina Yoon, is a cleverly shaped rectangle book with a handle so that you can turn the book upside down to make colors slide down the book.  And when they slide, they make a noise.  Little tykes will surely love this!  Baby Colors, by Rachael Hale, and I Love Colors, by Margaret Miller, are board books that feature babies close up amongst bright colors.  Babies love this type of book!  Bow-Wow’s Colorful Life, by Mark Newgarden and Megan Montague Cash, is another smallish board book that features Bow-Wow, the dog, as he pulls on brightly colored socks.

The rest of the books are packaged in a unique way making baby wanting to see, hold or enjoy these books.  There’s a new series published by Random called “Clackers”.  Each smallish sized book is in the shape of an animal and named after that animal.  Duck, Fish, Bee and Bunny, are bright in their colors and each has a handle.  By holding onto the handle, you can make a clacking sound as the board pages flap back and forth.  Karen Katz has a unique board book, Shake It Up, Baby! that enables baby to enjoy looking at the book and also shaking it.  The outside binder has beads that make the shaking sound. Duck’s Not Afraid of the Dark!, by Ethan Long, will surely help your youngster get through the night without being afraid.  The story centers around a light switch that actually turns a small light on which settles duck down immediately.  What’s Wrong With My Hair?, by Satoshi Kitamura, is a large board book about a lion who’s having a bad hair day.  Each page has a cut-out of the lion’s face so that you get to see the possibilities of the funny suggestions his barber makes from spaghetti hair to octopus hair.  There are even instructions at the back to make your own lion hair.  This book will bring out the creative side of kids!  Karate Pig, by Alan Katz, and illustrated by Daniel Moreton, is a clever small board book that has Karate Pig chopping pages in half with pull-out pages that pull half the page out as well as corners that pull on an angle.  Handy Manny:  Manny’s Toolbox has seven small tool-shaped books packaged inside this foam book that teaches about each tool.  Each tool book can come out to be read separately.  Joh Scieszka’s Trucktown series has two new board books that are ingeniously assembled.  On The Move! has unique parts that move like the ball from a crane or the middle of a tire that goes around.  Smash That Trash! has a wheel that turns for you to find the object and the word that describes it.  Playskool has Shuffle Stories which helps youngsters put stories together by mixing up the cards.  The three colors of cards help distinguish the subject and the action that takes place.  Watch Me Hop!, by Rebecca Young, features animals as they move in holographs.  And lastly, Candlewick has a series of “Storybook Animations” that feature a book, DVD, CD, poster and sticker.  Some of the books include “Owl Babies”, “Baby Brains” and “Hooray for Fish”.  These are all great to take along in the car.

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