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Baby books are always on the minds of new parents – and grandparents.   Following is a listing of some outstanding books that will intrigue, engage and teach those precious little ones:

Scholastic has a new series called “Little Scholastic” that has brilliant colors and helps young ones with sensory experiences.   Star is shaped like a star and has a rattle located in the center of the book and Circle has a mirror on the last page.   Baby Days:   A Collection of 9 Board Books, designed by Pamela Natarantonio, is an over-large book that also has a mirror along with 9 tiny board books with themes baby will relate to as they grow.

Every baby makes attempts to vocalize their needs, but until they learn to talk, they may end up whining or crying in order to be heard.   But if you teach them simple sign language as soon as they are able to grasp simple concepts such as hunger or thirst, their communication becomes much better and their frustration levels decline.   My Very First Signs , by Heather J. Rosas, and Wow Feelings are two outstanding books to help them learn signing.

Baby Einstein is always on the cutting edge of educating young children in the most effective ways.   The photography, colors and format of My First Book of Colors are bold, beautiful and inviting to youngsters.   The imagery and explosion of colors seems to jump off the pages!

Scholastic has also developed a unique and new way for tabs to be displayed.   Let’s Find Out:   Yummy Colors and Fun Shapes , both books designed by Pamela Natarantonio, and published by Scholastic, are long, thin and full of fun learning with tabs that pull upwards the shape or color being taught. This publisher also has little board books in the shape of vehicles.   I am a Fire Truck and I am a Dump Truck , both by Josephine Page, have board pages that open and are in the shape of the truck and even has the back of the book in the shape of the other side of the truck.   Another inventive display that young kids will enjoy is Old MacDonald Had a Farm:   A Round-and-Round Storybook , by Michelle Swan . There is a wheel on the side of the book that kids can turn.   The tractor’s wheels turn as you travel throughout the farm displaying the many different animals.

If you’re looking for books that teach different concepts, here are a few.   Eric Hill’s   Spots, Colors, Shapes and Numbers is an over-sized board book that is filled with bright pictures and simple large text! Who’s Hiding? , by Satoru Onishi, has a format with 18 simple, bright animals.   On each page, youngsters can discover the differences between the animals.   Maisy’s Amazing Big Book of Words, by Lucy Cousins, is filled with her typical bright illustrations, easy concepts and clever flaps.

Every family should have this next book on their shelf, as it’s become a classic favorite!     The Very Hungry Caterpillar , by Eric Carle, has been recently revamped into a board book with the author reading from a CD that’s also included.   Mr. Carle also has two other favorite books geared for young children.   My Very First Book of Animal Homes has pages that are split so that the child can guess which home goes with which animal.   Opposites has pages that open to twice the size showing the exact opposite of the concept being taught.

The next four books are small in size, but big on appeal!   Peek-a-Baby , by Karen Katz, is a darling lift-the-flap book that youngsters will love as they attempt to peek under each flap in order to discover where the baby is hiding.   Black & White , by Tana Hoban, is cleverly packaged as you learn about these two colors.   Open the bold white or black pages and see how they fold completely out.   A Mama Bug’s Love, by Janet Lawler, and illustrated by Rick Peterson, pops-out with sturdy pictures for tiny hands.   The Escape of Marvin the Ape , by Caralyn and Mark Buehner, is hilarious and great fun to read about Marvin the Ape, who has just escaped from the zoo, but seems to blend into the city without anyone even taking notice!

Look At You!   A Baby Body Book , by Kathy Henderson, and illustrated by Paul Howard, is a delightful celebration of babies in a rhyming scheme.   And, for a book to help you purchase the kind of merchandise that will be helpful, not hurtful, for your child, I highly recommend Buy, Buy Baby: How Consumer Culture Manipulates Parents and Harms Young Minds , by Susan Gregory Thomas.

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